Fall FUSION | Tennessee Senior Portraits

Not all who wander are lost… – J. R. R. Tolkien

I am a traveler… I love to wander… but I am most certainly not lost. In fact, many times while traveling I feel a sense of HOME. Take Tennessee for example: it speaks to my soul. I feel at home even though I very rarely get to go to the mountains. I feel like I could stay for the rest of my life. The winding roads, the landscape, the cabins, THE-FALL-COLORS, the middle-of-no-where feeling… SPEAKS. TO. ME.

I’m actually back in Tennessee this week teaching my Senior Films class/workshop on videography at the FUSION workshop with the incredible Teri Fode of Voice Your Brand marketing.  Twenty photographers brainstorming together, learning together, growing together AND staying in this incredible cabin. (And of course – taking SENIOR PORTRAITS & creating SENIOR FILMS!!!!)

What speaks to you? Do you love to travel? Or do you have a home away from home? We live in Florida, yes, but that does NOT mean we are limited to shooting your Senior session in Florida ONLY.

WE. CAN. GO. ANYWHERE. No kidding – we can go to Paris or Alaska – if you are that adventurous. On a more local level, we can go to Savannah, Georgia or the Smoky Mountains. Want to shoot in California??? Think that’s too outlandish??? It isn’t. Flights to Cali are not expensive & hotels aren’t, either – especially if you travel during the right times of the year. What do I require for a traveling session? Well, a parent is always required to be present – so if you want to travel both you & your mom or dad will travel to (fill-in-the-blank). I travel so often that I know the in’s & out’s of getting where we need to be and having an amazing time doing so.

So get inspired – feel free to be crazy & creative – allow yourself to dream… because after all, we are telling YOUR story & if that doesn’t include Florida or doesn’t ONLY include Florida – by all means TELL IT!!!