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Tell. YOUR. Story.
You know you want to...

Hey Girls!

Complimentary Professional Hair & Makeup (as natural or as glam as you like) awaits you. What?! Oh yes, you'll be photo ready with the most sought after makeup application in the industry: Airbrush Makeup - and it's my GIFT TO YOU!

Wardrobe worries? Worry no more! The TRS boutique & dressing room is FULL of awesome accessories & jewelry... specifically here for YOUR DAY! You'll also receive as much (or as little) fashion advice during your session as you'd like!

Posey, pose, pose... You don't have to be a supermodel or selfie queen to pull off an INCREDIBLE Senior portrait session. TRS is the professional - you get to relax. Enjoy!

Hey Guys!

So... you don't think Senior pics are for guys, right?! Hmmmm... well, surprise, surprise!

TRS Senior pics ARE for guys.

Mud, trucks, cars, guitars, football, baseball, fishing, junkyards, airplanes, beaches, rivers, cities, or backwoods...

Whatever it is that you love to do - that is what we will photograph you doing. No silly poses; no uncomfortable tuxes; these are not your mom's Senior portraits - this is YOU. This is your story.

Tell. YOUR. Story.

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Senior Info